UConn Hartford Joins the Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities

As recently announced by the UConn Hartford Director’s Office, UConn Hartford is now one of the newest institutional members of the Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities (CUMU), the longest-running and largest organization committed to serving and connecting the nation’s urban and metropolitan universities and their partners.

CUMU’s press release reflects the optimism and dedication to community felt by many of the higher ed professionals who call the campus home: “The Hartford campus serves as a model of community engagement and success for urban schools and will attract many new community partnerships with the city—as well as boosting the local economy and resurgence of their home community.”

Membership in CUMU includes access to several benefits and resources designed to help colleges and universities embrace their role as anchor institutions and better serve the urban communities in which they are located.  Members of the UConn Hartford community (faculty, staff, and administrators) can subscribe to CUMU’s online mailing list in order to receive updates about CUMU’s annual conference, their peer-reviewed journal Metropolitan Universities, their “Because Place Matters” newsletter, and other announcements and opportunities.

The full press release announcing UConn Hartford’s new role as a member of CUMU can be read on CUMU’s website.