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The Hartford Project aims to fill a longstanding need in the greater Hartford community by creating a freely-accessible, comprehensive online portal containing vital information on all Hartford-based institutions that have archives and collections – broadly defined – related to the city of Hartford, Connecticut. 

The Hartford Project will function as a “one-stop shop” for anyone seeking information on the historical and cultural records and collections of the City of Hartford.

Currently still in its planning stages, the final database will utilize ArcGIS software (including interactive map tools and a search feature with filters) to enable users to identify and, if applicable, physically locate the most relevant organizations to their projects to help them efficiently plan their visit to Hartford.

RRCRE at UConn Hartford, in partnership with the UConn Hartford Library at Hartford Public Library, will serve as the architect, host, and caretaker of this project. We welcome and actively seek information on every type of institution that has something to contribute to a deeper, richer, and more accurate understanding of Hartford.

Informative and comprehensive. The ultimate goal of the Hartford Project is to make it easier for everyone, everywhere to locate information about the City of Hartford. Our interactive site will serve as an information hub, directory, and planning tool for researchers, residents, and anyone else interested in learning about Hartford.


Accessible and intuitive. The entire user experience and design of the Hartford Project will revolve around ease of access (free, no paywall or signup required) and ease of use (with an intuitive interface and clearly-defined content tags).


Collaborative and inclusive. The Hartford Project will cast a wide net on all sorts of institutions and repositories in order to serve anyone who wants to learn more about Hartford’s history, culture, geography, economics, demographics, and more. We aim to partner with all city organizations – both physical and virtual – that feature Hartford-related archives and collections, ensuring that they are fairly and accurately represented in the database.



Contact Us

Are you a part of an organization with archives, collections, or other Hartford-related materials that should be represented in the Hartford Project? Do you know about a lesser-known repository we should include? Contact us at rrcre@uconn.edu and we'll start a conversation. We would love to hear from you!


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