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The Strategic Global Cities Initiative is pleased to present its first annual survey highlighting outstanding cities-related scholarship from
SGCI Faculty Affiliates:
UConn Scholarship on the City: 2018 - 2020

One of the top priorities at the SGCI is bringing increased recognition and visibility to the incredibly important and impactful work on city-related issues that is being done at the University of Connecticut.  This is the first of what will become a series of annual reports highlighting recent UConn publications on urban topics.

This inaugural survey reviews selected recent publications of 41 SGCI Faculty Affiliates, representing 23 UConn departments and schools, organized into eight topical sub-categories exemplifying crucial questions and contemporary challenges faced in cities and towns:

  • Race, Ideology, and Violence
  • Migration, Membership, and Security
  • Development: Governance, Poverty, and Politics
  • Culture and Communications
  • Weather Events, Pollution, and Heat
  • Urban Land: Sustainability and Valuation
  • The Youth Challenge
  • Enhancing The Public Good

As evidenced in this report, UConn has robust research capacity for examining cities and towns, in multiple disciplines, and that this capacity is being engaged in innovative ways to meet today’s challenges. The SGCI is proud to promote these pieces of exemplary scholarship and draw as much well-deserved attention as possible to these engaged research efforts by supporting the expansion of research capacity, forming interdisciplinary research groups, and implementing a messaging strategy for internal and external constituencies. You can read more about the SGCI's goals and core mission by perusing our Reference Materials page.

Finally, the books, articles, and projects featured in this year's edition of UConn Scholarship on the City represent only a sample of the cumulative scholarship accomplished by SGCI Faculty Affiliates.  A comprehensive and updated list of cities-related research and academic achievements can be found in the individual profiles of our Faculty Affiliate Directory.

Praise for “UConn Scholarship on the City”