SGCI Faculty Affiliate Update Form

  • Dear Colleagues:
    Thank you for helping the SGCI keep its Faculty Affiliate Database current!

    Please fill out as many fields as possible with the most recent information -- especially if there has been a major change -- and we will use it to update your SGCI FA online profile accordingly. All fields, with the exception of Date, Name, and two questions related to Research Scope, are OPTIONAL. You only need to complete the fields that require updating. If you wish to reference your current FA profile page to help decide what information needs updating, you can find it listed here:

    If you wish, you can save your progress on this form and return and submit it later; this option is located at the bottom of this page.
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  • I. Basic Information

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • If you do not have a departmental affiliation, please list your school or college.
  • Please select one of the following options:
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  • II. Cities-Related Research

  • Research Scope

    (Required) Please help the SGCI classify the scope of its Faculty Affiliates' research by answering the two questions below.
  • What would you like people to know about your urban-related research? This paragraph will be displayed on your personal profile page in our online Faculty Affiliate directory.
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  • The SGCI's Six Cities-Related Research Themes:

    • People and the City - Understanding population dynamics in their multiple dimensions, including race/ethnicity, gender, age, income, community, social capital, intergenerational, and the challenges, behaviors and experiences of various groups.
    • Healthy Cities - Physical, emotional, and social well being of various population groups, and factors such as access, influence, and income, that affect health outcomes and intervention opportunities.
    • Social-Ecological Systems- Interaction of human-dominated and other biophysical systems, including land, food, energy, water and climate, and their effects on humans and on the environment.
    • Economic and Community Development - The wealth generation process and its distribution and the opportunities and challenges for inclusive economic development as shaped by technological innovation, workforce development, and factor markets.
    • Built Environment - Multidimensional impacts of human-made space, including infrastructure systems and sustainable design, on residents and business and its sustainability.
    • Governance and Urban Services - Civic and electoral processes and the changing nature of the provision and finance of public services driven by, in part, technological innovation.
  • Using the definitions above, please select one theme you feel BEST represents your current urban-related research.
  • Using the definitions above, please select any other themes that you feel are also applicable to your research. You may select as many choices as you feel are appropriate.
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  • III. Current and Recent Projects

  • The SGCI wants to help spread the word about your research activities and scholarship! In the section below, please provide a title and brief description of up to 3 recent or current projects you are involved in that pertain to urban-related research.
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  • IV. File Uploads

  • Accepted Formats: .pdf, .doc, .docx
    Accepted file types: pdf, docx, doc, Max. file size: 250 MB.
  • Accepted formats: .jpg, .png
    Accepted file types: jpg, png, Max. file size: 250 MB.
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