Xiang (Peter) Chen

Assistant Professor, Geography

Primary Research Theme

Healthy Cities

Secondary Research Themes

Built Environment, Economic and Community Development, Governance and Urban Services

Recent Cities-related Projects

  • Exploring the obesogenity of community food environment: This project will develop a deep learning model to identify the nutritional information of local restaurants through food images shared on social media. The derived information (e.g., food calories, cost) will be employed for making dietary recommendations on multiple platforms, eventually helping to increase the nutritional awareness of those vulnerable to obesogenic foods in urban areas.


Selected Urban-Related Publications

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2019. Han Z, Cui C, Miao C, Wang H, Chen X. Identifying spatial patterns of retail stores in road network structure. Sustainability, 11(17), 4539

2019. Wang D, Li L, Hu C, Li Q, Chen X, Huang P. A modified inverse distance weighting method for interpolation in open public places based on Wi-Fi probe data. Journal of Advanced Transportation, online first.

2019. Chen X*. Enhancing the two-step floating catchment area model for community food access mapping: Case of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. The Professional Geographer, 71(4), 668–680.

2019. Chen X*, Jia P. A comparative analysis of accessibility measures by the two-step floating catchment area (2SFCA) method. International Journal of Geographical Information Science, online first.

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2017. Xiao Y, Chen X, Li Q, Yu X, Chen J, Guo J. Exploring determinants of housing prices in Beijing: An enhanced hedonic regression with open access POI data. International Journal of Geo-Information, 6(11), 358.

2017. Chen X*, Li Q. Modeling road network vulnerability for evacuees and first responders during no-notice evacuation. Journal of Advanced Transportation, doi: 10.1155/2017/6193127.

2017. Chen X*. Take the edge off: A hybrid geographic food access measure. Applied Geography, 87, 149–59.

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2015. Xu H, Li Q, Chen X, Chen J, Guo J, Wang Y. Logistical routing of park tours with waiting times: Case of Beijing Zoo. Tourism Geographies, 17(2), 208–22.

2015. Chen X*, Zhao B, Blackard E. Unveiling perceptions of food safety scandals in China: An exploratory study with search engine. Global Media Journal, Fall Special Issue.

2015. Chen X*, Kwan MP. Contextual uncertainties, human mobility, and perceived food environment: The uncertain geographic context problem in food access research. American Journal of Public Health, 105(9), 1734–7.

Contact Information
C.V. Xiang (Peter) Chen C.V.