Thomas Cooke

Professor, Geography

Primary Research Theme

People and the City

Secondary Research Themes

Economic and Community Development

Selected Urban-Related Publications

Shuttleworth I, Cooke TJ, and Champion T. 2019. Why Did Fewer People Change Address in England and Wales in the 2000s than in the 1970s? Evidence from an Analysis of the ONS Longitudinal Study. Population, Space and Place, 25(2), e2167.

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Cooke TJ, and Shuttleworth I. 2018. The Effects of Information and Communication Technologies on Residential Mobility and Migration. Population, Space and Place, 24(3),e2111.

Cooke TJ, Ellis J, and Wright, R. 2018. A Prospective on Zelinsky’s Hypothesis of the Mobility Transition. Geographical Review.

Thomas MJ, Mulder C, H., and Cooke TJ. 2017. Linked Lives and Constrained Spatial Mobility: The Case of Moves Related to Separation among Families with Children. Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers, 42(4), 597-611.

Cooke, T. J.,and Shuttleworth, I. 2017. Migration and the internet. Migration Letters, 14(3),331-342.

Thomas MJ, Mulder CH, and Cooke TJ. 2017. Geographical Distances between Separated Parents: A Longitudinal Analysis. European Journal of Population.

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Cooke TJ, and Denton C. 2015. The Suburbanization of Poverty? An Alternative Perspective. Urban Geography, 36(2), 300-313.