Nishith Prakash

Associate Professor, Economics and Human Rights

Primary Research Theme

Economic and Community Development

Research Interests

Most of Nishith Prakash’s research is in Economic Development with focus on crime, education, and political economy in developing countries.

Selected Urban-Related Publications

“Effect of Political Decentralization and Female Leadership on Institutional Births and Child Mortality in Bihar, India”, with Santosh Kumar (Sam Houston State University), in Social Science & Medicine, Vol. 185, July 2017, pp. 171-178

“Cycling to School: Increasing Secondary School Enrollment for Girls in India”, with Karthik Muralidharan (University of California{San Diego), in American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, Vol. 9 (3), July 2017, pp. 321-350

“Can Elected Minority Representatives Affect Health Worker Visits? Evidence from Rural India””, with Elizabeth Kaletski (Ithaca College), in Review of Development Economics, Vol. 21 (1),2017, pp. 67-102

“Does Constitutionalizing Economic and Social Rights Promote their Fulfillment?”, with Elizabeth Kaletski (Ithaca College), Lanse Minkler (University of Connecticut) and Susan Randolph (University of Connecticut), in Journal of Human Rights, Vol. 15 (4), 2016, pp. 433-453

“Does Political Reservation for Minorities affect Child Labor? Evidence from India”, with Elizabeth Kaletski (Ithaca College), in World Development, Vol. 87, November 2016, pp. 50{69″

“A Distributional Analysis of Public Private Wage Differential in India”, with Mehtabul Azam (Oklahoma State University), in LABOUR: Review of Labour Economics and Industrial Relations, Vol. 29 (4), December 2015, pp. 394-414

“The Role of Constitutions on Poverty: A Cross-National Investigation”, with Lanse Minkler (University of Connecticut), forthcoming in Journal of Comparative Economics