Mohamad G Alkadry

Professor and Department Head, Department of Public Policy

Primary Research Theme

Economic and Community Development

Secondary Research Themes

Governance and Urban Services, People and the City

Selected Urban-Related Publications

Cram, Bridgette and Alkadry, M.G. (2018). Virtue Ethics and Cultural Competence: Improving Service One Administrator at a Time. Journal of Public Affairs Education, 24 (4): 518-537

Ali S.B., Bishu S., Alkadry M. (2018). Why Men and Women Want to Leave? Turnover Intent Among Public Procurement Officers. American Review of Public Administration.

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Alkadry, M.G., Blessett, B. and Patterson, V. (2015). Public Administration and the Ethic of Getting Things Done: The Case of Miami’s Overtown Neighborhood. Administration and Society. Online First, Print Forthcoming.

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