Mary Bernstein

Professor, Sociology

Primary Research Theme

Healthy Cities

Secondary Research Themes

Built Environment, Economic and Community Development, Governance and Urban Services, People and the City

Recent Cities-related Projects

  • Gun Violence Prevention in Urban Areas: I am examining how urban and suburban groups who seek to reduce gun violence work together across geographic and racial divisions. I pay particular attention to the ways in which “everyday” gun violence is ignored by the media.

Selected Urban-Related Publications

Taylor, Malaena and Mary Bernstein. 2019. “Denying, Deflecting, and Distracting: Color-Blind Ideology as Techniques of Neutralization in the Tea Party Movement.” Mobilization 24(2):17-156. DOI 10.17813/1086-671X-24-2-137.

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Bernstein, Mary. 2018. “Same-Sex Marriage and the Assimilationist Dilemma: A Research Agenda on Marriage Equality and the Future of LGBTQ Activism, Politics, Communities, and Identities” Journal of Homosexuality 1-16. DOI: 10.1080/00918369.2017.1423211

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