Mark Robbins

Professor, Department of Public Policy

Primary Research Theme

Governance and Urban Services

Secondary Research Themes

Built Environment, Economic and Community Development, People and the City

Selected Urban-Related Publications

“Experimental evidence about deficit reduction strategies: Bias in measuring tax and spending preferences.” 2017. Journal of Public Budgeting Accounting and Financial Management. 29 (1), 78-103 (with Jennifer Dineen and Bill Simonsen).

“Contracting for Underwriters: Are All Underwriters Equal?” 2016. Public Administration Quarterly. 40(4):725-762. (with Bill Simonsen).

“Municipal Bond Issuance in Missouri: The Cost of No Reforms.” 2015. Municipal Finance Journal. 36(1):27-50. (with Bill Simonsen).

“State of Connecticut Budgeting After the Great Recession.” 2019. Municipal Finance Journal (forthcoming) with Bill Simonsen.

“Information, Tax Salience, and support for School Bond Referenda.” 2019. Public Budgeting and Finance (38)4: 52-73 (with Eric Brunner and Bill Simonsen).

“Social Class: reality and perception.” 2019. International Journal of Public Administration. (42)1: 55-65. (with Jennifer Dineen and Bill Simonsen).