Jennifer Terni

Associate Department Head and Associate Professor, Literatures, Cultures, and Languages

Primary Research Theme

People and the City

Secondary Research Themes

Built Environment, Economic and Community Development

Recent Cities-related Projects

  • Paris and the Life of Large Numbers: Explores how the concept and consciousness of scale transformed the urban development, cultural production, personhood and social reproduction in the first half of the nineteenth century.
  • Swimming in the XIX century: Swimming cultures of the 19th century explores the beginning of the development of popular recreational activities in 19th century cities.
  • Midlife crisis: finitude in the rise of a culture of plenty (1850-1950): This project explores how generations, the rise of life biography, and the promise of satisfaction held out by mass culture manifested itself in the rise of midlife crisis between 1850-1950 before it was recognized as a phenomenon.

Selected Urban-Related Publications

The Elements of Mass Culture, Paris and the Life of Large Numbers, 1830-1848, Liverpool University Press.