Fiona Vernal

Associate Professor, History and Africana Studies

Primary Research Theme

People and the City

Secondary Research Themes

Economic and Community Development

Recent Cities-related Projects

  • Caribbean Heritage: Explores Caribbean migration to the Greater Hartford region.
  • From Civil Rights to Human Rights: African American, Puerto Rican, and West Indian Housing Struggles in Hartford County: Explores housing and settlement in post war Hartford through the lens of Hartfords largest ethnic groups in post war Hartford through the lens of three of its largest ethnic groups.

Selected Urban-Related Publications

“Discourses of Land Use, Land Access and Land Rights at Farmerfield and Loeriesfontein in Nineteenth-Century South Africa,” in Indigenous Communities and Settler Colonialism: Land Holding, Loss, and Survival in an Interconnected World, Zoe Laidlaw and Alan Lester, eds (Cambridge Imperial and Post-Colonial Studies Series, 2015), 102-137

“Blackening my white friends to make my black friends look white: William Shaw, John Philip, and the mercurial political landscape of missionary work in the Eastern Cape,” in Magnifying Perspectives Contributions to History, A festschrift for Robert Ross, Iva Peša and Jan-Bart Gewald, eds, (Leiden: African Studies Centre, 2017), 37-52.