Andrew Deener

Associate Professor, Sociology

Primary Research Theme

Social-Ecological Systems

Secondary Research Themes

Built Environment, Economic and Community Development, People and the City

Selected Urban-Related Publications

(2017) The Origins of the Food Desert: Urban Inequality as Infrastructural Exclusion, Social Forces, 95(3): 1285-1309.

(2016) The Ecology of Neighborhood Participation and the Reproduction of Political Conflict. International Journal of Urban and Regional Research. 40(4): 817-832.

(2015) The Pitfalls of Invoking Cultural Change to Improve Population Health (Coauthored with Robert Aronowitz, Danya Keene, Jason Schnittker, and Laura Tach). American Journal of Public Health. July 2015, 105(S3): 403-408.


“Gentrification? Some Communities Say ‘Bring it’ (coauthored with Jonathan Wynn). The Conversation, October 11, 2017. Reprinted in Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Salon, Business Insider,, and other venues.

Review of There Goes the Gayborhood? by Amin Ghaziani, Sociological Forum.

The Public Identities of Neighborhoods: Cultural Template or Situated Space?” Symposium on Ghaziani, There Goes the Gayborhood. Environment and Planning A, 47

2015 Book Review of Street Level: Los Angeles in the Twenty-First Century, by Rob Sullivan, Contemporary Sociology