About the SGCI


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We seek to become a premier, university-wide initiative
that will function as a hub of activity, networking,
and support for city-related research and scholarship
at the University of Connecticut.




The Sustainable Global Cities Initiative comprises an extensive, continuously-expanding network of Faculty Affiliates and supporters whose research and projects focus on urban-related issues, broadly defined.  Research involving the city is inherently diverse and interdisciplinary, and we aim to strengthen partnerships within the university community across disciplines, schools, and college that might otherwise have limited interaction.  Additionally, we will strive to increase the visibility and impact of the excellent work already being done at UConn through intelligent, targeted messaging strategies.

What We Do

  • Support and enhance scholarship on cities, broadly defined:
    • Fostering interdisciplinary collaboration
    • Sponsoring recognition of exemplary papers and projects
    • Amplifying the visibility and impact of the diverse urban-related research being produced at UConn
  • Identify pressing academic and community needs:
    • To set research agendas
    • To sponsor case studies
    • To initiate interdisciplinary projects
  • Connect people who want to tackle the unique challenges faced by contemporary cities and towns:
    • Our Faculty Affiliate Directory facilitates connections and collaborations among UConn researchers, and makes it easier for the general public to find qualified experts at UConn in cities-related fields.

...And How We Do It

  • Sponsoring university events and workshops on urban topics
    • Promoting UConn scholarship, events, and achievements on dedicated social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn)

      Sponsorship and Support

      The Sustainable Global Cities Initiative has received core institutional support from its home campus of UConn Hartford as well as other key UConn partners, listed below. These resources have established the administrative and research capacity required to support the SGCI's many initiatives throughout the University and beyond.

      External sponsors, partnerships, and donations are always welcome to help us further enable the work we do here at the SGCI.  For general questions regarding these opportunities, please email us at sgci@uconn.edu. If you are exploring ways to give to SGCI, please contact Carolyn Treiss (Director of Development at UConn Hartford) directly at ctreiss@foundation.uconn.edu.



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      SGCI Governance and Faculty Advisory Committee

      The Sustainable Global Cities Initiative, directed by Robert H. Wilson, reports to the Director of UConn Hartford, Professor Mark Overmyer-Velázquez. To meet its diverse mission, its sources of institutional support and its advisory committee are broad-based.

      The Faculty Advisory Committee for the SGCI offers perspectives and counsel on the design and implementation of the SGCI Mission. The FAC is comprised of respected UConn scholars, representing two colleges, five schools, and four research institutes, with interdisciplinary perspectives on cities and extensive knowledge of research capacity at UConn.


      SGCI Faculty Advisory Committee Members:

      • Mohamad Alkadry, Chair, Department of Public Policy
      • Edith Barrett, Associate Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences; Professor of Public Policy
      • Maria Chrysochoou, Chair, Department of Civil Engineering
      • Michael Fendrich, Associate Dean for Research, School of Social Work
      • Ken Foote, Director, Urban and Community Studies; Professor, Geography
      • Amy Gorin, Director, Institute of Health, Interventions and Policy (InCHIP); Professor, Psychological Sciences
      • Jason Irizarry, Dean, NEAG School of Education
      • Kathy Libal, Director, Human Rights Institute; Associate Professor, School of Social Work
      • Anita Morzillo, Assistant Professor, Natural Resources and the Environment
      • David Souder, Associate Professor, Management, School of Business
      • Michael Willig, Director, Institute of the Environment; Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology